Monday, July 16, 2012

T-SQL Tuesday #32

July 11th
It was a sweltering hot day, the type of day that you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. I got into work a few minutes early. I had started this job only 3 weeks ago, so I still have to make an impression. The agenda was a light for the day. I have been working on a project that was shelved until the company hired more help.
That is where I come in; I was hired to shoot some pool. The IT department had been a bit behind the eight ball before they hired me. I have been cruising along getting the lay of the land, figuring out what systems connected to what, and in which manner.
Since I have started, I’ve been asking questions. Questions people don’t like me asking. I’ve been poking around, asking why they are doing X, why not Y instead. There’s a lot of “we’ve been told by the vendor”.
Seems like I was on the right track.

I obtained the latest sp_blitz from the Bent Ozar PLF (w|t) crew, ran it on of on the production instances.
I ran through the results with a co-worker. He didn’t seem surprised.
I had looked down a long, hard road for the SQL environment.
I copped out, I’m not proud, but hey I’m the new kid on the block, I can’t rock the boat that much right now.

The company had tabled a workstation deployment, that was supposed to be done in conjunction with the switch over to an Active Directory environment. The AD infrastructure has been setup, a few minor tweaks and it would be ready for users.
There had already been a few cutovers of the populace, I guess I was one of them. I had no choice, I was told that I would have nothing to do with Novell Netware, that was fine by me. I had my run-ins with Netware a few years back, I was fond of it then, I am not fond of it now.
I started to crank out the new workstations, nice machines, i7 procs, 8GB DDR3. I had asked questions about the usage of these machines, what type of workstations that they would be replacing. Old Dell something-or-others were to be fed to the scrap pile.
Well, it’s about closing time, they are shutting off the lights, it’s getting dark in here.
Outside, it’s starting to rain.

(The events of the day have been fictionalized, however everything stated did take place, just not in the noir style. This is in response to Erin Stellato's T-SQL Tuesday announcement)