Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Someday

I recently turned down an opportunity to be a DBA at a successful business. It was not for lack of purposed future salary or benefits. The job description looks like it would be fun and exciting. The job has more professional and monetary growth than my current position.


The opportunity was a contract-to-hire; I cannot afford to take that chance, not now, not with a mortgage, bills, and most importantly, my year and a half old son. The 45-minute commute, while trivial to some, was daunting to me, that is an extra hour and a half a day that I do not get to see my son.


The deal breaker was the contract-to-hire. I am happy where I am, I like my Somedays as they are now. I would give up everything to spend more time with my son, any Someday that has him in it, is worth whatever the cost. Two years ago, I would have taken the leap and gone after this job. That, that goes to show how much my Somedays have changed in the past two years.


My current job still has a metric tonne of interesting and fun stuffs to do. There is no want of projects to fill my workday. I am getting more in to report writing and giving users access to their data, so they can form their own spreadsheets, reports, and other business intelligence items. It seems like I have another Someday staring me in the face.

Thomas LaRock (w|t) gave a presentation about “Someday”, I fully blame him for me declining. No, not really, his Someday speech was just a reaffirmation of my beliefs. I wanted to say “thank you”, most people my age, are about the drive to attain a goal(money, power, what have you), they miss the Somedays along the way.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

T-SQL Tuesday #42–The Long and Winding Road

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is brought to us from Wendy Pastrick (Blog|Twitter). We are talking about how we got to where we are currently, and to where we are going. To wit, I will continue as if I Google mapped my life.

A: University graduation
B: Retirement

Suggested routes
Become a sys admin with pay scale $175K+ per year
Marry a woman with money have child(ren)
Become a lion tamer/carney

Life directions to System Administration, Michigan
                        This route has tolls
A. University Graduation

1.       Graduate Western Michigan University 5.5 yrs
2.      Get local assistant network manager position 10.5mo
3.      Stay in said position for a short time tolling event
4.      Follow with soon-to-be wife to new city
5.       Turn left with company as a temp  network administrator 6mo
6.      Merge with company as a full-time network administrator 3 yrs
7.       Create DBA tasks, and job duties. Become Accidental DBA
8.      Take detour
a.       Become a father to a beautiful baby boy tolling event
9.      Do not actively exit as Sr. network administrator. Shoulder more DBA work 2.5 yrs
10.   Stay with company, until company closure tolling event
11.    Stay to the right as systems administrator I with a local government ongoing
12.   Again, create DBA tasks and responsibilities
13.   Become “that guy that can do reports for us”
14.   Get interested in business intelligence
15.    Become the de-facto database guy, while keeping grounded in system administration
16.   ????
17.    PROFIT!!!1!!!!1

B. Retirement

As you can see by my directions, I have not fully taken the plunge into becoming an actual database administrator. I am torn between two worlds. I realize that soon, if not a year ago, I will have to make a decision. Stick with sys admin, or go with being a DBA.

I am not sure where the road leads, but I am excited to find out