Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Already? Sheesh, that was quick.

Great, just as I was getting the hang of SQL 2008R2 (still no luck getting the hang of Thursday), 2012 has come out (with CU1 being released just a few weeks ago). I was one of the many whom waited with bated breath for the virtual launch event and watched in awe of the fail. I am excited for the new features, especially the Always On, Availability Groups. With 2012 database mirroring is going the way of the stage coach. Which puts a huge crimp in my HA/DR plans. Currently I am utilizing mirroring with TDE, which I have yet to find any documentation on how to use TDE with AG. Granted I looked days after release, so I am hoping that there is more out there on the intertubes now. I am also looking at the newest interface for “power users” for data modeling and the SharePoint/SSRS integration.

We upgraded to 2008R2 almost a year ago now, what I have to decide is if it is worth the upgrade to 2012 so soon. I will have to talk with our developer(s) and have them check out any of new developer tools or enhancements and see if they think it is worth it. I would like to stay fairly current with our database infrastructure. I have to worry about the changes to the licensing model.

I also have to make sure that our various internal programs and 3rd party software will be compatible with the newest version. With the current shift that is going on in house, I have to at least make sure that MS Dynamics CRM 2011 works fully with SQL 2012. I am sure it will, but with Dynamics soon to be the center of business, I cannot afford to go with “I’m sure everything will work”.