Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Thomas LaRock (w|t) actually came up with a #memeMonday writing assignment that I am able to participate in! His question seems innocuous enough, “if You today, had the chance to go back to You when you started your IT career, what advice would You (of today) tell You (of yesteryear)?”

First advice: Don’t worry about the time paradox that we would be creating, it’ll be fine.
Second: Listen to this, (point at my Boss) man he knows what he is talking about.
Third: Ask more questions, get more involved with projects, don’t just fill a role while at work, make one.
Fourth: Involve yourself more with the open source community, just because you aren't a programmer, doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to projects
Fifth: While you’re at it, learn a programming language it will help you in the long run when working with developers.
Sixth: Take this sports almanac, put it to good use.

So the major gist of our talk would be to learn more about the things that pique your interest, dive deeper in the subjects. Ask questions, learn from people who know more than you.